About Us

Judicial Services Group Monitoring (JSG) is a Michigan Corporation with six offices located throughout central Michigan. We are an authorized SCRAM Systems provider serving the criminal justice community since 1992. JSG is a privately held company and is financially sound. We are proud to have shown company growth each year since 1992 while servicing courts and agencies.

Why JSG?

JSG provides a diversity of services to the public, legal, and corporate sectors, as well as services to our state’s judiciary and law enforcement agencies. The services we provide to our agency customers are:

  • Electronic monitoring
  • Drug testing
  • PBT day reporting
  • Intensive supervision probation
  • Vehicle immobilization services

JSG’s most distinguishing characteristic is the level of personalized customer service we offer. Our unique day-to-day relationships with courts and sheriff’s offices in Michigan give us an unparalleled perspective of the benefits of public-private partnerships.

JSG is proud to be an integral part of the judicial system and to provide needed services to a diversity of clients including criminal justice agencies. JSG seeks to find partnerships that work toward the same goal of public safety.

We invite you to contact us to learn more about our services, and how we can satisfy your monitoring needs.