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Alcohol Monitoring During Pretrial

Beyond just drunk-driving offenses, alcohol is a leading or contributing factor in many crimes, including domestic violence, and mandated sobriety has become a common and effective condition of pretrial release. Our CAM and Remote Breath monitoring products are widely used to screen and assess defendants for varying levels of alcohol dependence as part of their pretrial assessment, as well as monitor compliance with pretrial or bond conditions while awaiting adjudication.

Before sentencing, clients may even volunteer to be monitored. Having scientific proof of their sobriety and commitment to the program may make the difference between spending time in jail and being out on probation.

Location Monitoring While Awaiting Trial

Location monitoring is the most prevalent supervision technology used in pretrial programs today. Communities use curfew monitoring, house arrest, and GPS tracking to ensure defendants make their court appearances, to support public safety, and to restrict defendants’ movements during high-risk times.

Our flexible location monitoring options help to oversee a range of defendants. In addition, these monitoring tools provide valuable data to help programs track and improve their outcomes.

Contact our office and we can discuss what product might be appropriate and beneficial for your client.