Getting Started

Welcome to JSG Monitoring–a productive alternative to incarceration. By adhering to court orders, our Participant Agreement, and your own self-achievement goals, your experience can be as personally beneficial as you allow it to be. Let’s get started!

Step 1: Walk-In or Make An Appointment

You can make an appointment or walk in to enroll in our monitoring programs.

Step 2: Before Coming In

Bring the following:

  • Valid debit or credit card must be placed on file
  • One-time service fee and daily monitoring fees
  • Social security number
  • Driver’s license or identification card
  • Name of judge, county, and court
  • Probation officer’s name and contact information
  • Any court documents pertaining to your case

Additional Information

We will:

  • Explain and clarify the Participation Agreement before you sign it
  • Attach and/or provide you with a SCRAM bracelet or other device.
  • If applicable, give you a base station to use at home or work
  • Activate the equipment to enable it to take readings and store and transmit data via the base station to the central monitoring station

We will:

  • Review daily reports and promptly notify authorities of any confirmed noncompliance with court orders
  • Performs equipment maintenance, client support, fee collection, and de-installation

You as the client will:

  • If applicable, be near the base station daily at the agreed-upon time to enable data download and home confinement verification
  • Not consume alcohol
  • Not use products that contain alcohol
  • Not tamper with, obstruct, or damage equipment

You as the client will:

  • Avoid alcohol-based products: do not expose the area around the SCRAM bracelet to personal, household, or industrial products that contain alcohol
  • Plug the portable base station into any phone line to download data on schedule while out of town
  • Can showers while wearing the water-resistant bracelet, but do not submerge it (no bathing or swimming) or you will incur the cost of its immediate repair
  • Make all payments on time