Buddi Smart Tag

The Buddi Insight solution for offender management has been developed in collaboration with police, probation and local government authorities, to help control and rehabilitate offenders and to protect local communities.


This groundbreaking technology, created and manufactured in the UK by Buddi delivers:

Inclusions zones

Create areas on a map where the device should be located during set times and days

Exclusion zones

Set up customizable zones to trigger alerts when the device enters the specified zone

Location mapping

Create various mapping reports and build up intelligent data using our advanced mapping software


Our on body devices are fully waterproof and can be worn in the shower or bath

On body charging

Our unique charging technology allows the attached device to be charged whilst being worn

Tamper proof

In the unlikely event of a device or strap being tampered with, you will be alerted straight away

Smart beacon

The smart beacon enables full communication with the subject, as well as using Buddi proprietary location technology to facilitate self-installation and victim protection

Remote configuration

All of the Buddi Insight devices can be configured remotely reducing the need for wearer visits

The Buddi Insight Smart Tag is unique

Buddi Insight delivers an intelligent, one-piece ankle tag, using multiple technologies to deliver accurate minute to minute location information and to extend battery life. Information is delivered to the customer via sophisticated monitoring software accessed from a secure web portal.

  • compact
  • long battery life
  • proprietary “non-removable” strap
  • untethered charger
  • intelligence and software functions
  • low cost of deployment

Lightweight, accurate and waterproof, the Buddi Insight Smart Tag provides instant alerts and evidence in the event of tampering, removal, loss of communication and entering or leaving set geographic zones.