Services for Voluntary Clients

When you need to prove sobriety

You do not need to be court-ordered to participate in one of our alcohol monitoring programs. There are many benefits to submitting to alcohol monitoring prior to appearing in court for an alcohol-related arrest and many of our clients do so. In a DUI case with aggravating factors or a high BAC, being able to prove to the judge that you are in fact sober (and have been sober for 30, 60, 90 days, or even longer) is extremely beneficial. Actually having scientific proof is an incredibly powerful tool at the time of sentencing, and this positive change that you can present to the judge may mean the difference between prison/jail or probation.

With our programs, you can demonstrate to the courts that you have:

  • Remained sober and are serious about sobriety
  • Kept the community safe by not driving drunk
  • Made positive changes in your life

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