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SCRAM Remote Breath®

A Flexible Option in Alcohol Testing

SCRAM Remote Breath is the world’s first handheld, wireless, portable breath alcohol device with automated facial recognition and GPS with every single test. It’s a sophisticated breathalyzer for lower-risk offenders or those who have earned less intensive monitoring and is the most flexible option in breath alcohol testing on the market today.

  • Automated Facial Intelligence
  • One-piece, handheld, cellular
  • Proven fuel cell technology
  • GPS location with every test
  • Client text message reminders and notifications
  • Rugged, built for corrections
  • Random, scheduled, and on-demand testing

“The SCRAM Remote Breath device was a wonderful thing to have. It proved to myself that I can do this, most importantly it saved my marriage.” —SCRAM Remote Breath Participant

Automated Facial Intelligence

  • The first and only automated, intelligent bio confirmation system
  • Government security grade facial verification software—not just photos
  • Automated matching—reduces manual review of photos by 90–95%
  • High-resolution images—clear photos of the 5–10% you do review
  • Scalable & Manageable—significant reductions in the staff time required to confirm identities
  • Real-time notifications with automated, simultaneous client verification

Watch SCRAM Remote Breath in Action

Product Guide
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Portable Alcohol Breathalyzer

The BI SL3® is a handheld wireless testing device designed for secure remote alcohol monitoring. The device takes a picture of the participant during the breath test to verify identity. The BAC result, real-time photo, and GPS location is instantly transmitted from the device to the secure web portal for the supervising party to review.

The SL3 can be used for both criminal justice and treatment addiction programs. SL2 allows the participant to prove abstinence from alcohol while maintaining confidentiality and flexibility in their schedule.

Key Features

  • Long-term Solution with LTE Technology
  • Adaptive Facial Recognition®
  • Scheduled and Random Tests
  • Durability and Reliability for Mobile Monitoring
  • Dependable and Convenient Charging
  • Embedded with Cellular and GPS Technology
Product Guide
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